You will get the link for redeem discord nitro. You can use own discord account to boost any server.


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Get Discord Nitro for 1 Month at the lowest price in Bangladesh. With this plan, you’ll get an enhanced Discord experience, with new features and perks:

  1. Upload a Gif Avatar: Discord Nitro will let you add some animation-y goodness to your profile picture. You can turn your still life avatar into a cool moving GIF, and it’ll show up and do its magic tricks in text channels and all of your friend’s servers.
  2. Choose Your Discord Tag: Customize your four-digit tag, when subscribed to Discord Nitro! Note, at the end of the subscription, your tag will randomize.
  3. Use custom emotes everywhere: Discord Nitro will unlock your emoji arsenal to be unleashed in every server and DM at your every whim.
  4. Higher Quality Video: You’ll also get enhanced stream quality (1080p 60fps) whenever you Go Live!
  5. Increase your file uploading cap from 8mb to 50mb: Normally, you can upload individual files up to 8mb at a time, but having Discord Nitro will supercharge your upload cannon into a 50mb force to be reckoned with.
  6. EXTRA UPLOADING POWERS! You’ll now be able to DOUBLE your file sharing powers all the way to a 100MB upload size!
  7. EVEN GREATER HI-RES QUALITY VIDEO! Not only do you get to experience improved HD video when screen sharing, you’ll also be able to experience hi-res video with Go Live streaming at source!
  8. NOT JUST ONE – BUT TWO SERVER BOOSTS! Power up your servers with 2 Server Boosts and share your love and support with your favorite communities!